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Know A. M. Qasmi

Ameer Muaviya Qasmi, professionally known as A.M Qasmi, is an eminent Islamic scholar and a prominent figure. He is Hafiz, Alim and Mufti ( Alhumdulillah). He is the founder of Islamic Institute and Madarsa in Firozabad, U.P. He also established his official YouTube Channels, namely, A.M Islamic Zone and A.M Qasmi Official in 2018 with the aim to spread the true essence of the Holy Quran, its teaching, and the message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in order to rectify the misconceptions of Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims. He has a vision of providing the best religious enlightenment. He is committed and dedicated to generalize the real aspects of Islam among the people to fortify the faith( Iman) and beliefs by his sincere efforts.

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